Services & Solutions

Keeping students healthy, happy, and focused on their studies is one of the most important elements of a university’s mission. And, in today’s world, that’s not always easy. JCB’s experienced professionals partner with you to develop a student healthcare program that gives you confidence and peace of mind. Together we will explore carrier options, access to care, cost drivers and technology enhancements to implement a program as unique as your university.


  • Real-time access
  • Data transparency
  • Mobile enabled
  • Safe and secure
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Plan Administration

  • Waiver management
  • Eligibility management
  • Enrollment processing
  • Student support services
  • University support services
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Strategic Planning

  • Account management
  • Carrier negotiation
  • Renewal management
  • Benefit objectives & benchmarking

“I am so grateful to work with all of you at JCB and I appreciate all that you do! Especially during all of the hard and unprecedented times, I couldn’t have been more blessed to be in partnership with your wonderful team!”

– Crystal Flores, Cal State Long Beach

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