Our Technology

Access to the information you and your students need. When you need it.

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Waiver Digitization

  • Real-time insurance validation
  • Instant waiver decision
  • Insurance ID Card capture
  • Custom waiver criteria
  • Custom messaging
  • Data transparency

Enrollment Capabilities

  • Totally digitized enrollment experience for all insured groups i.e. Student, Dependent, OPT, Scholar, Exchange, etc.
  • Enrollment confirmation notifications
  • Document uploads
  • Direct enrollment
  • Rostered enrollment
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Student Connection

  • Benefits information
  • Provider locator
  • Enrollment history
  • Update address
  • School specific information
  • Help Center
  • Mobile-enabled access

University Connection

  • Data transparency to student account activity, service notes & communication history
  • Modify your eligibility files
  • Modify student enrollment status
  • Special Enrollment functionality
  • Invoicing & corresponding backup
  • Standard & custom reporting
  • Mobile-enabled access

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The Student Connection looks very functional and easy to use, especially for the students who are always on the cutting edge of technology.

Jane Kalionzes, San Diego State University