Johns Hopkins University

Student Health Insurance Administration

JCB Insurance Solutions is grateful for the opportunity to offer a proposal in collaboration with our partners at Mercer to provide plan administrative services for the student health insurance programs at Johns Hopkins University.

Our firm has decades of student health insurance experience, advanced technological capabilities, strong carrier relationships, and the innovation and creativity your program requires. The success of a student healthcare program is often determined by the strength of the relationship you develop with your administrative partner. As you’ll see from our references and testimonials, our team has developed very strong relationships with our clients and partners. Relationships that span 10-15 years.

We are excited for the opportunity to put our knowledge and technical expertise to work for you but, most importantly, we are excited for the opportunity to establish a close, professional relationship with JHU.

Our People

Student Health Insurance Experience: 25 years

John Breckenridge is the Co-Founder & President of JCB Insurance Solutions (JCB) and a leader in the student insurance industry.
Jolie Vincent, Vice President & Account Executive
Student Health Insurance Experience: 15 years

As a key member of JCB’s service team, Jolie Vincent draws on 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, with 15 years specializing in student health insurance. Jolie provides an exceptional level of service working as your key point of contact from the first day, managing your onboarding process. identifying your administrative needs and providing proactive solutions throughout the plan year.
Student Health Insurance Experience: 16 years

Michael Holbrook brings more than 16 years of experience specializing in student health insurance to your program. Michael oversees and manages the information technology process, including strategic and tactical planning, infrastructure, development and implementation of business and enterprise applications, and data infrastructure. He sets the standards for data reporting, business intelligence systems and data access, ensuring the information systems provide the most accurate and current information.
Janis Vanek, Head of Student Experience
Student Health Insurance Experience: 14 years

Janis Vanek brings a wealth of customer service knowledge to your program, with over 20 years of experience including 14 years in student health insurance. As Head of the Student Experience team, Janis is responsible for managing and continuously improving the JCB student experience and ensuring that students are at the center of every business decision.

Our service team is structured so that no single person is solely responsible for the overall servicing of your program. Each team member is highly skilled in their role and operates in their unique abilities to bring a first-class experience to your students and your team. This approach allows for efficient scalability. Team members are cross-trained should any of our service team members take time away from the office. The transparency and accessibility of our digital platform facilitates this team approach.

Our Process

Using our six-step SHIP Success Formula as our guide, we tailor our approach to the needs of your students and your staff. We are student healthcare experts. We have the tools, we have the experience, and we have the technology to ensure success.

Our team will oversee a smooth experience from on-boarding to the beginning of service and throughout the plan year. Your account team will make certain that timelines are outlined and communicated effectively, plans are setup accurately on all systems, special administrative needs are identified and outlined, staff is trained and confident in the use of system tools, and plans are successfully onboarded. This process is repeated annually.

Our Platform

Student health insurance has very unique administrative requirements. Sadly, many of the student health insurance administrators in our industry are operating with systems that were built 15+ years ago. Their platforms are so outdated they couldn’t upgrade them with today’s technology even if they wanted to. It would be like trying to upgrade a flip phone with smart phone functionality. Workarounds and manual interventions have become so ingrained in their everyday work that universities no longer see them as inefficiencies but as “the way it’s always been done”. While others may be complacent with the status quo, JCB is investing in technology and advancing our industry forward. Our student health insurance digital interface is built using TODAY’S technology. And it’s always upgrading and innovating with tools you and your students expect. We strongly recommend a live demonstration of our platform but, in the essence of time, we have provided you with a recorded video demonstration below.

Insurance may be as old as time but the way it’s administered doesn’t have to be.

Watch the above video for a brief demonstration of the Waiver and University Portals.

JCB will work with your team to plan, schedule and draft language for various student communications/reminders throughout the enrollment and waiver period. Our system is built to allow us to message specific groups of students based on their enrollment or waiver status. This flexibility allows us to target students who have not acted close to the waiver deadline as well as message students enrolled in the health plan with plan specific information.

At JCB, our focus is centered around automating, streamlining and simplifying. We are leveraging technology to enhance and elevate the customer experience. We believe the magic happens when we blend talented people with technology that systematizes predictable processes so we can humanize the customer experience.